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Unique fronts that uplift your IKEA kitchen

We all love the style and ease of an IKEA kitchen. But why not go all the way to make it match your interior and your taste? With a unique front from YTA, proudly produced in Belgium, you have a wealth of colors and sustainable materials at your disposal to give your IKEA cabinet that extra touch of you
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YTA wooden kitchen front

Materials and colors to match your interior

Got your eye on an IKEA METOD kitchen? Now spruce it up with an original YTA front design. Enjoy the quality of real wood and an amazing range of colors. Then select a matching handle for your highest comfort. Your IKEA kitchen will never have looked this classy!

Easy as Sunday morning 

Simply select the YTA front and configuration you need and have it delivered at your door (or pick it up at YTA). Attaching the front to your IKEA cabinet is easily done with just a simple screwdriver and/or hex key. Need extra customization options? Then we’ve got you covered at

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