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    Who are we?

    We are We Sell Our Furniture. We design & create custom made furniture! We specialize in stair cases, railings, countertops (home made terrazzo), wooden & steel doors (in combination with glass, or?), kitchens, bathrooms, livingroom furniture, bedroom & hallway designs, … And so much more! Just ask what comes up in your mind. If you want to know more about We Sell Our Furniture you can check

    Over the years we got a lot of questions to design & create custom fronts for IKEA Metod kitchens. As we were convinced this is a really cool concept we had the idea to create a webshop ourselves dedicated to these items. Like that our YTA fronts are accessible to a broader audience, and it’s a smaller step for you to finally buy your favorite fronts in our typical style! We want to diversify ourselves offering real wooden fronts in unique & contemporary styles which go well with our collection of custom made handles & other accessories.

    That’s how YTA was born.

    Enjoy surfing our webshop and we hope hearing from you soon!

    How do we work?

    OPTION 1: do-it-yourself

    You will be in charge of planning and designing.

    How does it work?

    1)    Optional: Order your YTA sample box – veneers & laminates
    This will help you to see and feel the materials. This box includes a coupon worth €19,95 that will be deducted from your next purchase.
    2)   Go to our price calculation tool
    3)    Calculate the price of the fronts you need and add them to your shopping basket.
    4)   Optional: Add extras, such as custom handles, to your shopping basket
    5)   At the check out, choose if you want to have your fronts delivered by us, or if you want to pick them up yourself at our workshop.

    OPTION 2: personal service pack

    At a fee of €245 we will assist you in your YTA adventure! We will help you calculating the YTA frönts you need! Sometimes it can be hard to know which frönts are needed for your fun project. Not to mention the struggle with measurements!

    How does it work?

    1)   Order your service pack here (hier moet het product nog aan gelinkt worden)
    2)   Send us your plans by e-mail
    3)   You will receive an YTA sample box – veneers & laminates
    This will help you to see and feel the materials.
    4)   Let us know what your 1 or 2 favorite choices of materials are
    5)   We will check your plans and you will be presented with a personal offer and 3D view for these 2 choices, as well as some matching (optional) handles
    6)   The installation of the fronts is optional, if you want us to install the fronts we will make you a personal offer for that as installation prices depend on the size of the project


    What does YTA mean?

    YTA is a Swedish word meaning ‘surface’. We link this to our materials, fronts & accessories.

    How long will I have to wait for my order?

    During the pre-order period: 8 to 12 weeks.

    Do you supply the hinges?

    No, you can buy these at IKEA.

    How should I maintain my fronts?

    Check the instructions on the respective materials page. 

    What is the installation procedure?

    Check instructions in the IKEA manual that comes with the hinges.

    What payment methods can I use?

    You can pay with Bank Transfer, Creditcard, PayPal or Bancontact

    Can I get an invoice?

    Yes, you will receive a confirmation of your order with the invoice attached.

    What if I need a custom piece?

    You can! But not with YTA. We have a dedicated website for custom made furniture. Please check

    How does shipping work?

    Please see instructions at Shipping & Returns.

    My wood color is slightly different than shown on the website. Why is that?

    Wood is a natural product. Every tree is different. Colors may also look different in various lighting conditions.

    Do you also install the fronts?

    It’s a possibility. Give us a call or send us a mail. As prices depend on the size of the project we will make you a personal offer!

    Can I return my fronts?

    Check the instructions in our Terms & Conditions, under the heading ‘TIME FOR REFLECTION AND RETURNS (LAW ON BUYING BY MAIL ORDER)’

    Do the fronts have pre-drilled holes for handles and knobs?

    Because there are so many different handles at IKEA, the holes for handles or knobs are not pre-drilled.

    Do my fronts also fit the FAKTUM cabinet?

    No, they don’t. For more customization options, please check, our website for custom made furniture.

    Do you also offer PAX fronts?

    This is something we are still developing, but if you can’t wait please check, our website for custom made furniture.

    Can I see real samples of the different wood types?

    You can buy a sample package on our web shop. To add a sample package to your shopping cart just go to the bottom of our ‘materials‘ page. A discount code will be added to this package, so when you finally buy our fronts, the cost of sample package will be deducted from your bill.

    Do you come and visit us first?

    No, the whole idea of YTA is that you can decide and handle everything yourself. If you need a more personalized approach and customization options, we recommend visiting, our website for custom made furniture.

    Do we have to prepare anything?

    No, just strictly follow your IKEA manual when placing the kitchen. The kitchen installation must be level and straight.

    Are you part of IKEA

    No, we produce fronts that fit on the IKEA Metod system, but YTA (We Sell Our Furniture) has no direct affiliation with IKEA itself.